Astral Towns


You can also check the rules in-game with /rules

Global Rules:

  • No hacks, xray texture packs, or mods
  • Do not gather resources in non-resource worlds (Towny, The End, The Nether worlds)
  • Do not scam or trick players for personal gain
  • No ignoring staff
  • Do not TPA spam or create TPA traps
  • Inappropriate skins, builds, or names can result (Not tolerance towards racism)
  • Only 1 alt account is allowed
  • Machines that create excessive lag are subject to staff removal
  • No griefing player builds or main worlds with no intent to build

Chat Rules:

  • Do not disrupt chat with excessive spam or caps
  • No personal promotions (Your Twitch, YouTube, Social Media accounts, or other servers)
  • No NSFW in chat
  • Do not impersonate staff
  • No hateful speech, slurs, or being disrespectful to players or staff
  • Do not discuss political or religious topics in global chat
  • Mute evasion is ban-able
  • Do not advertise other servers
  • Do not share other players' personal information

Towny Rules:

  • Rules must posted in town prior to enforcing them to residents
  • Do not add or change taxes drastically without a 48 hour notice
  • If a player must be evicted, please give a 48 hour notice prior to eviction
  • Do not advertise in /pw or /ah
  • Allow up to 6 chunks of space between you and other towns before creating or expanding your town
  • Do not use town rank to steal from players
  • If asked to leave by mayor, you must leave within 48 hours of receiving the notice
  • Do not set homes or warps within a town you are not resident to