To truly get a full economy server, we use a jobs plugin to give players a proper way to gain money to spend on other players'. You can only have one job at the default rank, but to get more you can rank up in-game or purchase a donator rank to have access to multiple jobs!

Available jobs:

  • Brewer: Earn money by brewing potions with different ingredients!

  • Builder: In this job you earn money by placing blocks, but the most profitable is placing glass!

  • Crafter: Earn money by crafting various items, but the most profitable to craft is books!

  • Digger: To earn money with this job, dig up any kind of sand, gravel, or dirt! Although, red sand pays the most!

  • Enchanter: This job pays those who enchant books, weapons, armor, or anything! Maybe setup an enchantment shop and sell these books to other players!

  • Farmer: There are many ways to earn mone yas a farmer. You can harvest crops, shear sheep, milk cows, or breed animals!

  • Fisherman: Earn money by catching rare fish! This job is great for those interested in the custom fishing plugin as well!

  • Hunter: Gain money by hunting mobs in the wild! This job does not pay for spawner kill or dungeon kills.

  • Miner: Earn money through mining deep into caves and finding rare minerals! Great to pair with weaponsmith!

  • Weaponsmith: Earn money by smelting ores found deep in the mines! Then use those smelted minerals to craft weapons and armor to gain more money!

  • Woodcutter: A simple but profitable job that pays through harvesting wood!

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